Pinalito Hydroelectric Project

La Vega and Monseñor Nouel, Dominican Republic

  • Client: Hydroelectric Generation Company (EGEHID)
  • Date: September 2014 - January 2010
  • Contract: US$ 8,571,432.09
  • Constructor asociado: N/A

The 50.0 MW hydroelectric project features a seasonal regulation and a 9.76 m³/s design flow and a gross level discrepancy of 544 m. Its median annual energy production is estimated in 157 GWh. Some configuration highlights include an RCC dam 57 m high and 205 m in the crown, a reservoir, an open-air hydroelectric central with two generation units of 25 MW each, a sub-station, also open-air, and intermediate catching points in the Sonador River, Arroyón, Caña Amarga and Arroyo Blanco.

Services provided by the firm:
• Project management and control 

• Review and approval of drawings and detail engineering 

• Supervision of geological works pertaining to excavations of tunnels and slopes
• Supervision of civil works

• Supervision of electromechanical works

• Supervision of quality control
• Supervision of the Environmental Management Program (PMA) implementation

• Supervision of the start up phase