Maguana River Dam

San Juan de la Maguana, Dominican Republic

  • Client: Hydroelectric Generation Company (EGEHID)
  • Date: April 2018 - Present
  • Contract: US$ 150,000.00
  • Constructor asociado: Typsa/Engecorps Engenharia, S. A

The typology chosen for this dam, located over the Maguana River (a tributary of the San Juan River), has been roller-compacted concrete (RCC). This is capable of storing a volume over 5 hm³ with a basing of 1.250.000 m². With a fixed lip slipway and a 20 m length, it is incorporated to the reservoir, with a smooth surface design that pours the water over a stilling pool wide x 20 m long. The deviation of the Maguana River was conceived in two phases. In the first phase, rock septa were installed at the deviation’s entry and exit points, specifically at elevations 614.00 msnm and 608.00 msnm. Once the canal was completed, the septa were removed to build the cofferdam downriver at an elevation of 610.00 msnm. After closing the river course, the second phase works will allow for the construction of the dam and spillway, as well as the water outlet structures for the hydroelectric central and the draining system.

The water outlets for the hydroelectric central are located at 621.00 msnm high and the forced conduit follows some 2.5 km parallel to the access up until the hydroelectric central. The drain outlet at the base is located at an elevation of 505.00 msnm, with a fixed grille and stoplog flood gates. Down river, at the control building, two flat flood gates, 2 x 2 m, will be built in a bureau style.

Services provided by the firm:
• Hydrologic studies

• Topographic studies

• Hydraulic studies

• Design and drawings for all civil, electric and mechanic works

• Design for access roads

• Technical specs and budget

• Documents for bidding process