Hatillo Hydroelectric Central Expansion

Sánchez Ramírez, Dominican Republic

  • Client: Hydroelectric Generation Company (EGEHID)
  • Date: September 2014 - July 2018
  • Contract: US$ 543,375.00
  • Constructor asociado: ENGECORPS ENGENHARIA, S.A.

This project includes construction of the second hydroelectric central using the existing hydraulic circuit where the 9.86 MW Kaplan turbine was installed. To improve operation of both turbines, the reservoir’s NAMO was increased to 1.85 m (88.35 msnm high), thus creating a flow regularization volume for generation purposes.

At the height of 86.50 msnm, the landfill has a free discharge flat peak measuring 12 m wide x 60 m de long. Downstream of the dumpsite, a structure with rectangular orifices was installed measuring 8 x 4 m, its sills located at soleras 84.00 msnm high. These orifices control the discharge when the reservoir reaches a height of 90 msnm.

Services provided by the firm:
• Technical support to EGEHID supervision

• Measurements and cost control

• Consulting of structural and construction of civil and electromechanical works

• Studies of alternatives

• Design of new 10 MG hydroelectric central

• Design of landfill modification with folding floodgates

• Design of new electrical sub-station

• Design of access roads