Barrera de Salinidad Aqueduct

East Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

  • Client: Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewer Corporation (CAASD)
  • Date: January 2000 - July 2004
  • Contract: RD$ 47,396,767.00
  • Constructor asociado: Harza Engineering Company

A diversion dam was built for this drinking water project, as well as an intake on the Ozama River to divert 6 m3/s, pumping stations for clear and raw waters, a raw water pipeline of pre-stressed reinforced concrete of 1.700 mm, a quick filtration water purification plant of 4 m3/s, sub-stations and power transmission lines.

Services provided by the firm:
• Construction supervision of the following projects: pumping station, intake work, treatment plant, pipelines for drinking water supply

• Supervision of works, revision of construction contract documents, construction drawings designs, administration, consultancy during construction.