Sabaneta Dam Renovation and Modification

San Juan de la Maguana, Dominican Republic

  • Client: National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INDRHI)
  • Date: August 1996 - February 1999
  • Contract: RD$ 33,790,000.00
  • Constructor asociado: Harza Engineering Company

Sabaneta is an earth dam with an impermeable nucleus. Curtain height is 70 m, reservoir volume 78 hm3 with an area of 464 km2, a 750 m crowning length, emergency dumping tipo azud fijo of 4.200 m3/s, a syphon style service dump of 920 m3/s, a 6.30 MW generation, 11 m3/s of maximum flow output for irrigation and an additional 11 m3/s for generation.

The supervision and engineering works included: repairing the service dump’s flooring on the tunnel, repairing the dissipater, installing new instrumentation equipment, reinforcing the drainage gallery, building asphalted access roads on both margins, installing flooding sensors and repairing the protection system en gaviones de los taludes de la obra de toma.

Services provided by the firm:
• Design revisions

• Soil surveys both in labs and fields

• Pricing and budget revisions and update
• Supervision of the del contract between INDRHI and the contractor

• Revision and analysis of the contractor’s work plan

• Permanent inspection of the work applying the highest engineering standards and technical specifications
• Study the unitary pricing analysis of new budget lines presented by the contractor

• Planning of design and supervision work

• Auditing and quality certification of the equipment and materials used in the project

• Provide solutions for specific issues arising during the construction phase

• Certification of work completion and reception