Venezuela Avenue Pipeline Installation

East Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

  • Client: Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewer Corporation (CAASD)
  • Date: 2018 – June 2019
  • Contract: RD$ 182,000,000.00
  • Constructor asociado: N/A

Installation of a 48” GRP pipeline for the expansion of the Santo Domingo Sewer, running from the Rotary Club-San Vicente intersection to the Venezuela Avenue-Club Activo 20-30. Works also included installing several special parts, such as siphons & elbows, ‘Tee-Yee’ connectors, registers and valves. The project’s goal was to supply water to the tanks of the Darío Contreras Hospital, which is a major public health facility.

Services provided by the firm:

• Construction of civil works

• Engineering and detail design during construction