PIISA Connector (CSDT2)

Haina-San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic

  • Client: Magna, SRL and Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC)
  • Date: August 2015 – December 2016
  • Contract: RD$ 267,392,768.50
  • Constructor asociado: N/A

The Cienfuegos Aqueduct has a treatment capacity of 23 million gallons daily and two storage tanks. It serves a population of 300 thousand people with a water demand of nearly 20 million gallons per day. This project not only benefits Cienfuegos, but also nearby communities such as La Tinaja, Quinigua, Monte Rico, San Lorenzo, La Piña, Santa Lucía, El Fondo de la Botella, El Ingenio Abajo and El Ingenio Arriba, as well as the Mella I & II and Espaillat urbanizations, and the Espaillat Mera and Santiago Norte Pisano industrial parks.

Services provided by the firm:

• Construction of civil works

• Engineering and detail design during construction